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Sammy Vasquez

Designed by Samuel Vasquez

Samuel Vasquez​

Content Specialist

I am a graphic designer, photographer, and videographer that loves collaborating with others. If I had to choose one of the three, I would have a difficult choice because each one is special to me. 

I received my bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication Design in the spring of 2020 from San Francisco State University. Design is everywhere, from the natural leaves of trees to the complex skyscrapers that I see around San Francisco. There is a soft-spoken beauty in creating meticulously designed art with the end goal of a user. Designing websites, app interfaces, flyers, posters, and even a book, are all things that I am proud of.

Before I knew that I wanted to pursue a design career, I was introduced to photography. I remember the night when I first held a camera. It was fun being able to play around pointing the camera at others at the event messing around with the focus and taking some… probably terrible photos haha. It was there when I knew that I wanted to buy my own camera. Over time I got better and was able to photograph weddings, quinceñeras, corporate events, portraits, and more.

The same love I had for photography also carried over to video. To me, video was a more complex version of a photo. It’s easy to edit photos, lower the grain, raise the shadows, but with video, all of those become much harder to do without having the video fall apart. I welcomed the challenge and have created multiple promo videos, and even recap videos, and even collaborated on a dance video.

From designing logos and color systems to retouching portraits, There is so much work that I am proud of, and yet so much more that I am looking forward to doing as I continue to learn and grow.