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I had the pleasure of working with Diana to both purchase and sell a home. I can’t speak highly enough of her expertise, nimbleness and attention to market nuances. The selling of our home in Mountain View was during the early stages of Covid SIP and there was no play-book for that. Diana never missed a beat and was both thoughtful and creative in her approach and quick to pivot when necessary. She was also tireless in attending to even the smallest of details of staging our home and showing it during early Covid restrictions. If we encountered an issue or had a question, she did her homework was always prepared. I highly recommend Diana and look forward to working with her again.

Ann K.

We were mostly just spinning our wheels looking at listings on our own until a relative recommended Diana as our buying agent. Right away Diana spent time with us to fully understand our needs and then set out to help us figure out everything related to the home buying process in our local market.

She is very detail oriented and hits all the fundamentals well, but I would say her biggest value to us was from sharing her experienced insights into things that are not covered well by online resources. From giving us highly curated local contacts for loan options to leveraging her contacts to help us figure out if it made sense to buy a potential property with remodeling in mind, she was instrumental in giving us actionable info to enable us to make good and expedient decisions, which is critical to do in a hot seller’s market. Another example is how Diana was able to gain insight into individual sellers and their selling agents, which helped us customize our strategy in how we approached each potential offer. 

While the home buying process is inherently difficult, Diana patiently helped us evaluate all options with their pros and cons. We appreciated that she didn’t try to rush us or push her own agenda. She just provided guidance and let us feel like we owned the process. After a few learning experiences, we able to find a property and get our offer accepted, all in a relatively short timeframe. Diana stayed with us post offer acceptance, continually giving us great insights and helping coordinate with the selling agent, loan providers, and title co to ensure that our closing and post-closing process went as smoothly as possible until our move-in date. In the end, we feel we found a great home at a good price (in the context of this crazy market) and we couldn’t be happier!


Diana helped my family buy our dream home last summer. She’s a consummate professional. Even after we decided that we wanted to bid, Diana made sure that we saw a few more homes, so that we could compare the house to others on market at the same time. Her negotiating skills are unparalleled. Without her as our agent, I think we would not be living in our new home now.

Erwin H.

Diana helped us to buy our first house in Redwood City, in Dec 2019. 

We’ve met Diana when we already found the house, and she was carrying us out through the buying process. Offer time window was very tight, but Diana was able to guide us through all the details, caveats and paperwork in time, being very responsive and caring, and being able to explain every detail and answer every question we had.

Valery H.

Diana helped us buy our home in San Carlos. This process was during winter and spring of 2018 when the market was hot. We were getting outbid on homes. Diana was patient and persistent in helping us find the right home. This whole process took more than 6 months. She did not rush us or pressurize us to make decisions. We were keen to find something but were also very particular with what we wanted. She made sure we were always aware of all our options in regards to homes, bidding process, paperwork, and the work in involved if we were to get the house. We finally got the most amazing home and in an area we had ruled out as we thought we would not be able to afford it. I would highly recommend Diana and her services. You will feel comfortable knowing someone is actually working for you and helping you in this home buying process. 

Once we found our home she also helped us sell our old home. She worked with us and our budget to make the necessary modifications required to make it a great listing. This ensured us a great selling price. Diana and her team handled everything from managing the team of construction ppl, the purchase of materials needed, staging, landscaping and ensuring everything was done to quality standards. She made the home selling process so easy that I was able to spend my time and energy on my new home. The home sold in less than two weeks on the market. 

Diana made buying and selling a home as stress free as possible. Now two years later she still checks in with us about the our family and our home.

dikisha R.

Diane is a great agent and goes way above any agent I have worked with. She assisted us in purchasing/selling our past 3 homes in the bay area. Her attention to detail is top notch and wants to make sure as a buyer/seller we are aware of all details in the transaction. She also has a great list of people to help from a handyman to recommending escrow/loan services for a flawless transaction. I highly recommend Diana for your next real estate experience.

James E.

Diana was instrumental in partnering with us to find the right home for our family. She brought a rigorous approach to the entire process starting with a deep understanding of our needs. She then shared comprehensive analysis of the market with us so we could determine our game plan. She ensured we looked at a range of homes before we decided to bid. She remained steadfast, calm and professional through a tough negotiation so that we could secure our home at the right price. She has gone above and beyond to help us acclimate to our new community and has been highly responsive to any inquiry through out the process and even now a year later! We would recommend Diana in a heartbeat.

Anjana P.

In an industry prone to hyperbole and misinformation, Diana is an oasis of integrity and a consummate professional… deeply knowledgable, responsive, and willing to invest the time to really understand your unique needs and wants. She helped us purchase the home of our dreams with no drama and most importantly, within our budget. No question, I would work with her again in a minute!

Steve V.

Diana assisted me with the sale of my late mother’s home. She was always warm, caring, and professional. Her team at Nemi Group was outstanding. We worked closely together on a marketing and pricing plan that felt comfortable to me and my family. Diana is a fantastic resource for all things Bay Area related, and is very well connected. She’s wicked smart, and very honest. It’s rare to have both. Highly recommend.

Michelle H.

Diana helped my husband and I find a home to purchase in 2016 after just moving back to California from out of the country. We were also pregnant with our first baby, and it was a time full of change and transition. Diana made herself available to us day and night, and truly showed us that we were her priority. During our search, she even brought me food when I was sick, home alone, and very pregnant. Needless to say, she became a trusted friend while consistently maintaining a high level of professionalism. It’s clear that she decided to begin a new career in real estate in order to help other people. Diana was not only extremely knowledgeable about the area and pros and cons of different neighborhoods, but spent enough time with both of us that she understood our priorities, expectations, and concerns- both as a couple and as individuals. Knowing that we have Diana’s support in helping us to deal with any problems with the house even after we closed has also been a huge relief and extremely helpful. I would highly recommend working with the Nemi Group and can also say that her team was very responsive, responsible, and easy to work with.

Emma S.